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Are you ready to pedal your way to fitness and unleash a newfound energy? All Aerobics Fitness in Hobart invites you to experience the thrill and intensity of indoor cycling classes, otherwise known as spin classes. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a fitness enthusiast looking for a dynamic workout, our spin classes offer a high-energy, low-impact exercise that promises to leave you exhilarated and empowered.

At All Aerobics Fitness, we believe in creating an inclusive and motivating environment for our members. Our state-of-the-art facility in Hobart boasts a top-notch spin studio equipped with cutting-edge stationary bikes, immersive lighting, and heart-pounding music to keep you motivated throughout your ride. Our spin instructors bring their passion for fitness to every class, ensuring that participants of all fitness levels can enjoy and benefit from this invigorating workout.


06:30 AM Spin with Michelle Chopping
09:30 AM Spin with Teresa Hill
04:30 PM Spin Express with Ryan Barber


06:15 AM Spin with Michelle Chopping
12:10 PM Spin with Rob Ole
05:30 PM Spin with Jane Keane


05:30 AM Spin with Em Dorney
09:30 AM Spin Express with Rob Ole
01:10 PM Spin with Teresa Hill
06:00 PM Spin Express with Rob Ole


06:15 AM Spin with Rob Ole
12:10 PM Spin with Lilly Rasmussen


06:30 AM Spin with Michelle Chopping
09:30 AM Spin with Lilly Rasmussen
12:10 PM Spin with Teresa Hill
04:30 PM Spin Express with Lilly Rasmussen


06:30 AM Spin with Michelle Chopping
07:30 AM Spin with Michelle Chopping
08:30 AM Spin with Jane Keane


09:00 AM Spin with Rob Ole

Benefits of Spin Classes

Cardiovascular Health

Spin classes are an excellent way to improve cardiovascular health. The high-intensity nature of the workout gets your heart pumping, increasing blood flow and enhancing overall cardiovascular endurance.

Calorie Burning

Torch calories and burn fat as you power through various cycling drills. Spin classes offer a highly efficient way to achieve weight loss and maintain a healthy body composition.

Low Impact, High Intensity

Unlike some high-intensity workouts that can be hard on joints, spin classes are low-impact. The stationary bike supports your body, minimising stress on your joints while providing a high-intensity workout that challenges your muscles.

Full-Body Workout

Spin classes engage various muscle groups, including your core, legs, and glutes. By adjusting resistance and incorporating different riding positions, you'll sculpt and tone your entire body.

Mental Wellness

The rhythmic nature of cycling combined with motivating music creates a positive and focused mindset. Spin classes are not just about physical fitness; they also provide a mental escape, reducing stress and boosting mood.

What to bring to a spin class

To do a spin class, all you need is a sweat towel, a drink bottle and wear some good-quality gym shoes. Special cycling shoes are NOT required. However, our dual sided pedals do allow SPD cleats, so the cycling buffs can use their cycling shoes, if desired. Wear light clothing because you will sweat. Padded cycling shorts are great for extra comfort on the bike, but they are not essential.

Loads of workout times

The spin classes at All Aerobics Fitness are so popular that we have multiple classes running every day in Hobart. There are classes on early in the mornings, mid-mornings, lunch times and in the evenings. It's easy to find a class time to suit your busy schedule.

See our class timetable

How to get started

Getting started with spin classes at All Aerobics Fitness is easy. Simply sign up for a membership, check the class schedule, and reserve your spot. Our friendly staff are always available to assist you with bike setup and answer any questions you may have.

Join us for a Spin class

Spin your way to a healthier, fitter you at All Aerobics Fitness in Hobart. Our spin classes offer a dynamic, supportive, and fun environment where you can push your limits and achieve your fitness goals. Join us for an exhilarating ride and experience the many benefits of spin classes, both for your body and your mind. Your journey to a healthier lifestyle begins with the spin of a wheel!

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