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Small Group Barre classes are available in our dedicated Barre studio. Barre classes are designed to offer a challenging yet accommodating environment. They borrow from pilates, ballet and yoga to deliver a low-impact, high-intensity, full-body workout that will improve flexibility, strength and endurance.

The nature of Barre makes it a fantastic alternative for those suffering from injuries and joint pain, while helping to prevent any future injuries. Additionally, this makes it a fantastic cross-training option for those looking to put something a bit different into their routine.

Personalised Attention

During every class, you’ll be under the watchful eye of a highly skilled and qualified Barre instructor. As there are only 10 participants in each class, your instructor will be with you all the way, ensuring you get personalised help, guidance and motivation.

Loads of Workout Times

There are Small Group Barre classes at various times throughout the week, so it's easy to find a workout time that you can fit into your busy schedule. There are class times early in the morning, mid morning, lunch times and after work.

Get Started Now

Small Group Barre classes are a value-added addition for our Platinum and Platinum Plus members. If you are already a member, upgrade your membership by giving us a call or catch up with us next time you're in the gym. If you would like to become a member, you can join now on our membership page.


06:00 AM Barre with Teresa Hill


08:00 AM Barre with Teresa Hill
12:10 PM Barre with Teresa Hill


12:10 PM Barre with Teresa Hill
04:30 PM Barre with Jason Niaura


07:00 AM Barre with Teresa Hill


09:30 AM Barre with Lizzie Drew

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