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Morgan North

Morgan North at All Aerobics Fitness in Hobart
Personal Trainer & Pilates Instructor

Morgan North is a dedicated personal trainer with a background in rehabilitation, a history of working with migraine sufferers, a passion for instilling confidence in her clients, and expertise in Reformer Pilates.

With a strong background in rehabilitation, Morgan specialises in guiding clients through the recovery process from injuries and helping them regain their strength and well-being. Whether you're rehabilitating after surgery, managing a chronic condition, or recovering from a sports injury, Morgan's tailored programs are designed to promote healing while gradually improving your fitness.

In addition to her rehabilitation expertise, Morgan is a skilled Reformer Pilates instructor. Pilates is known for improving core strength, flexibility, and posture. Morgan's Reformer Pilates classes are not only effective but also enjoyable, making it easier for clients to incorporate this form of exercise into their fitness routines.

One of Morgan's greatest joys as a personal trainer is instilling confidence in her clients. She believes that movement is not just about physical health but also about feeling confident in your body's capabilities. Morgan's approach to fitness goes beyond rehabilitation and exercise; she enjoys giving her clients the confidence to move well and live life to the fullest.

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