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Lilly Rasmussen

Lilly Rasmussen at All Aerobics Fitness in Hobart
Group Fitness Co-Ordinator

Lilly started her career as a fitness instructor in 2019, and she’s been taking regular classes at All Aerobics ever since. 

Lilly’s passion for a healthy and active lifestyle is ultimately what got her into the fitness industry. “Working as a model has taught me a lot of good habits to help me know how to properly look after myself”, Lilly said. 

What started out as a hobby, has now turned into a part-time job as a fitness instructor and she loves sharing her passion for fitness with everyone. “My favourite types of workouts include booty bands and any type of cardio exercise”.


12:10 PM Circuit


05:00 PM HIIT Express


12:10 PM Circuit


06:15 AM Circuit
09:30 AM Circuit
10:15 AM Roller & Stretch Express
12:10 PM Spin
01:10 PM HIIT


09:30 AM Spin
12:10 PM Circuit
04:30 PM Spin Express
05:00 PM HIIT Express


09:30 AM Circuit

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